Graphs bibliography

Graphs is a demo, the first app compiled by Albert Compte Riba, based in capabilities learned in Coursera platform courses:
- The first four of five courses specialization from UNAM -Universidad Autonoma de Mexico-.
- Ken Cooter's short courses where main Android components were explained.
Also, capabilities learned in other courses, as skills that helped me later, about how to understand Java.
This courses were not focused in Java, but there I learned PHP, some Python and SQL -most of them from University of Michigan-, and D3.js -from University of New York-.
The main purpose of Graphs is to show my skills related with developing webs and applications. A second purpose is to deliver this DEMO as an exercise to end an Android course specialization.


This block is to name all the articles and samples found to achieve specific behaviours in Android platform, node.js server code to integrate Heroku services and Firebase -structure, storage and queries- resources.


1.1 Manifest

adityamshidlyali, Locking Screen Orientation in Android [web]. GeeksforGeeks. [20220106]

Daniel Douglas [answer], Android: How do I prevent the soft keyboard from pushing my view up? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220107]

Cabezas [answer], Android app losing data during orientation change [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220214]

ulukaya, Customize default notification [repository]. Github. [dec, 21 - feb, 22]

Publish your app [web]. Android developer. [20220410]

Prepare for release [web]. Android developer. [20220410]

1.2 Gradle

Rishabh007 [contributor], Android: How to Upload an image on Firebase storage? [web]. GeeksforGeeks. [20211215]

Set up a Firebase Cloud Messaging client app on Android [web]. Firebase. [20220208]

Martin Zeitler [answer], How to add the jbcrypt library in Android Studio [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220127]

1.3 Activities

2ndGAB and aaalive [authors], FCM when app in background · Issue #20 · firebase/quickstart-android [repository]. GitHub. [20220206]

Start an Activity from a Notification [web]. Android Developers (Eng - Es). [20220225]

Tomer Mor, Mangesh [answer], Remove shadow below actionbar [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211201]

Android Coding [author], How to Implement Retrofit POST Request in Android Studio | POSTRequest | Android Coding [video]. Youtube. [20211214]

Kimmi Dhingra [answer], How to finish all activities except the first activity? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220411]

1.4 Firebase Messaging Service and Broadcast Receiver

Vikas Gupta [answer], Best practices for token authentication in web apps? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220117]

afsanahmad007, Sumit Shukla [answers], How to get value from FCM data message in Android? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220118]

Sagar [answer], NotificationManager.cancel(id) is not working inside a broadcast receiver [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220120]

1.5 Connections and files

Android Developer, James Schek [answers], How to load an ImageView by URL in Android? [web].Stack Overflow. [20211219]

James Schek [answer], In Java when does a URL connection close? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220120]

Delete files with Cloud Storage on Android [web]. Firebase. [20220303]

pragup [contributor], How to delete file from the firebase using file url in node.js? [web]. GeeksforGeeks. [20220403]

1.6 Styles, pictures and colors

Smartherd [author], Shape your Image with Circle, Rounded Square, Cuts at corner. Shapeable ImageView in Android Studio [video]. YouTube. [20220109]

Hiral Vadodaria [answer], How to change spinner text size and text color? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220129]

sushildlh [answer], How to change the position of a spinner according to position of other spinner in two different activities [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220215]

Octavian A. Damiean [answer], Android Layout Right Align [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220124]

Create Shadows and Clip Views [web]. Android Developers (Eng - Es). [20220221]

Snackbars [web]. Material Design. [20220222]

Sliders [web]. Material Design. [20220409]

Elevation [web]. Material Design. [20220519]

JP Khasi Tech [author], Seekbar in android studio | Android Studio | John Puwein | Khasi | Shillong | Meghalaya [video]. YouTube [20220221]

Zar E Ahmer [answer], Using SeekBar and setProgress doesn't change seekBar position [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211229]

Harald K RGBA [answer], How to calculate bitmap file size? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220110]

amsiddh [answer], Convert Bitmap to File [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220110]

Mohib Irshad [answer], Changing an ImageView to black and white [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220109]

Gokul Nath KP [answer], Android picasso check if image url exist before load into imageView [duplicate] [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220516]

1.7 Navigation, menus and interaction resources

namanjha10 [contributor], How to Add and Customize Back Button of Action Bar in Android? [web]. GeeksforGeeks. [20220110]

AMD [answer], I need to hide/show a particular item from popup menu on given condition [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220116]

Cameron Ketcham [answer], Live character count for EditText [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220105]

Rishabh Srivastava [answer], SwipeRefreshLayout refresh animation doesn't stop [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220222]

Yashwanth Kumar [answer], How to finish an activity from an Adapter..? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220110]

Gabriele Mariotti [answer], Show snack bar above FAB in androidx [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220222]

Segun Francis [author], Have you come across custom Toasts that.. [web]. Medium. [20220222]

1.8 Accessing components

Accessing the Camera and Stored Media [web]. CodePath Android. [20211210]

1.9 Date and Time

Jesper [answer], How to convert Formatted Date (yyyy-MM-dd) to Unix time in Java? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220216]

Erwin Bolwidt, Tim Bender [answers], Convert millisecond String to Date in Java [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220216]

dognose [answer], Getting unix timestamp from Date() [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220216]

qusqui21 [question], From yyyy-MM-dd to Timestamp [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220216]

Matt Johnson-Pint, icc97 [answer], How to convert unix timestamp to calendar date moment.js [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220303]

1.10 SQLite

laalto [answer], When does SQLiteOpenHelper onCreate() / onUpgrade() run? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220105]

Peter Mortensen, Paul Sasik [answers], How to insert a value that contains an apostrophe (single quote)? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220401]

Mohamed Amr, furas [answer], Is there a sqlite function that checks if cell value exists [web]. Stack Overflow [20220419]

1.11 Swipe effect on ItemTouchHelper and Drag and Drop picture effect

surflaweb [author], Deslizar para Eliminar y Cancelar en Recyclerview (RecyclerView Swipe to Delete and Undo) - Parte 1 [video]. YouTube. [20220103]

Drag and drop [web]. Android Developers. [20220221]

Nande kore [answer], drag and drop [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220221]

Altaf [answer], How to crop circular area from bitmap in Android [web]. Stack Overflow from Code Greeper. [20220212]

Mark Rhodes [answer], how to drawImage on center of canvas [web]. Stack Overflow from Code Greeper. [20220219]

Mark Rhodes, Draw images on in the middle of a canvas [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220219]

Vincent Ramdhanie [answer], What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220311]

1.12 Location

Google's searcher straight answer service about data equivalence [December, 21 - January, 22]
1 deg = 111,1 km
0.1 deg = 1 minute = 1,8 km
0.01 deg = 1 second = 0,031 km

Coding with dev [author], Android Get Current Location | Latitude, Longitude | Address | Geocoder | Location Manager | Android [video]. YouTube. [20220411]

Get the last known location [web]. Android Developers. [20220302]

unownsp [answer], How to get String in a non activity class? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220302]

NaN in JavaScript [web]. Mastering JS. [20220307]

Get the last known location [web]. Android Developers. [20220522]

1.13 Strings

Stephen C [answer], How do I get the first n characters of a string without checking the size or going out of bounds? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220106]

Karamolegkos, how to verify string contains new line in java [web]. Code Greeper. [20220205]

mdn, String.prototype.substring() [web]. mdn web docs_ [20220420]

1.14 Chat

Jug6ernaut [answer], How to run a method every X seconds [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220106]

Gennadii Saprykin [answer], Stopping a Handler Runnable after activity finishes [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220126]

earthw0rmjim [answer], How to start handler again after calling removeCallbacks or removeCallbacksAndMessages on handler in android [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220401]

Andrew Brooke [answer], how to use notifyDataSetChanged() [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220521]

Dizzy Dugong, Merlin4 (ranken) [answers], hide keyboard android [web]. Stack Overflow from Code Greeper. [20220126]

vvaa [answers], How to scroll to the bottom of a RecyclerView? scrollToPosition doesn't work [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220125]

Xaver Kapeller [answer], How to set android view's layout_alignParentEnd property by code? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220125]

Hope [answer], How to set align (right or left) of text in TextView, programmatically [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220125]

William Brawner [answer], RecyclerView and Picasso images disappear after scrolling [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220125]

Ridcully [answer], Android Picasso check if image url exist before load into imageView [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220310]

Google answer, Activity lifecycle and state [web] Android Developer Fundamentals. [January, 22 - March, 22]

Alexander [answer], When is a timestamp (auto) updated? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220329]

1.15 Regex

BalusC, shanethehat [answers], How to split a string in Java [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220305]

1.16 Server Heroku, node.js, FCM, Express library

Frank van Puffelen, various [web]. Stack Overflow. [December, 21 - april, 22]

Fazt Code [author], Nodejs & Firebase, ejemplo práctico (Contacts App) [web]. Youtube. [Novembre - December, 21]

CharllierJr, Happy Hamster [answers], Convert unix timestamp to date Code Example [web]. Code Greeper. [20220223]

Hasangi Kahaduwa, Writing, Deleting and Updating Data in Firebase Realtime Database with JavaScript [web]. Medium. [20211205]

Pedro Muniz, How to convert a negative number to a positive one in JavaScript? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211231]

Nikitha N, How to convert a negative number to a positive one in JavaScript? [web]. Tutorials Point. [20220322]

Chris Edgington [answer], Storing an array in a Firebase Database [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220104]

Madison Kanna, How to Check if a JavaScript Array is Empty or Not with .length [web]. Free Code Camp. [20220102]

srJJ [answer], JavaScript: .push is not a function [web]. Stack Overflow en español. [20211224]

Cansu [answer], JSON.stringify returning [] [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211223]

Abhishek Goel [answer], How can I display a JavaScript object? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211224]

Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP protocol [web]. Firebase. [20220208]

PendingIntent [web]. Android Developers. [20220225]

The1993, tlebrize [answer] How to replace special characters in a string? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220304]

krishnamurthy, How to replace special characters in a string? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211214]

Modulesin js, In Node.js, how do I "include" functions from my other files? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211214]

Yellowed Yacare, Get day of month from date javascript [web]. Code Greeper. [20220410]

Migrating an Application to Another Region [web]. Heroku Dev Center. [20220522]

1.17 Translations

trante, Michał Sułek [answers], Get the current language in device [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220310]

1.18 Reset Adapter by remote

Isaac Sekamatte [answer], android.content.Context.getApplicationInfo() on a null object reference when notify notification Android [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220315]

Prabeesh R K [author], Smart way to update Recyclerview using Diffutil [video]. YouTube. [20220314]

Haydar Ali Isamil [author], Better Way to Get The Item Position in Android’s RecyclerView [web]. medium. [20220314]

Exceptional, Komal12 [answers], How to get row count in sqlite using Android? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220316]

Thanks to Kaerdan, DawnYu, Cory Petosky [answers], Refreshing data in RecyclerView and keeping its scroll position [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220316]

1.19 - Splash Screen

Santiago, Jorge; Valenzuela, Nolasco (2020). Desarrollo de Aplicaciones móbiles para Android. Creación del Splash (pp: 237 - 242). Madrid: RA-MA Editorial

1.20 - End user License Agreement (EULA)

Trevor Carothers [answer], Is it possible to force EULA during Android app installation? [web]. Stack Overflow [20220414]

Community-Led Development "The Apache way". Apache license, version 2.0 [web]. Apache [20220415]

Andres [answer], Trying to enter a newline creates a comma instead [web]. Stack Overflow [20220414]

Dialogs [web]. Developer Android [20220415]

1.21 - Publishing

MJSD Coding [author], How to Publish an Android App to Google Play 2021 | New Play Console [video]. You Tube [20220417]

Francesco Crovetto [author], Pre-launch testing for mobile games: tools and best practices on Google Play [web]. medium [20220417]

Developer Mani [author], How to Generate aab File in Android Studio For Google Play Console 2021 | Generate Signed apk File [video]. You Tube [20220418]

1.22 - Text template

Cicero [author], De finibus bonorum et malorum (Book 1) - Fragment: Lorem ipsum [web] Wikipedia [20220425]

1.23 - Pop-up disclosures, permissions and resources related to best-practices

piotrpo, MindRoasterMir [answer], READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for Android [web] Stack Overflow [20220428]

IAmKale [answer], DialogFragment disappears after device rotation despite applying common fixes [web] Stack Overflow [20220428]

Displaying dialogs with DialogFragment [web] Android Developers [20220428]

Christopher [answer], Clickable Hyperlinks in DialogFragment [web] Stack Overflow [20220429]

Madhan [answer], Should i ask READ or WRITE permission to access Mediastore images in Android Q? [web] Stack Overflow [20220502]

Choletski [answer], notifyItemChanged(int position) updates multiple items in RecyclerView [web] Stack Overflow [20220503]

Malwinder Singh [answer], Error : This class should provide a default constructor (.....) [Instantiatable] [web] Stack Overflow [20220505]

lopspower [repository], Hexadecimal color code for transparency - gists [web] GitHub [20220506]

Request location permissions [web] Android Developers [20220507]


Waqar Ahmed [answer], Check if Runnable is running [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220122]

Mark McLaren [answer], Is there a way to get the day of month on Android? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211204]

Security in mind [author], Java Bcrypt example salt + pepper [video]. YouTube. [20220127]

jeremyh [author], jBCrypt/ [repository]. GitHub. [20220127]

Dave Nottage [answer], How to handle notification when app in background in Firebase [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220822]

nesquena [author], [repository]. GitHub. [20211210]

Jake Wharton [answer], Retrofit Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY [web]. Stack Overflow. [20211224]

Jan Hancic [answer], Dynamically access object property using variable [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220222]

Jahnold [answer], Is it a good practice to access the Actvity's Context in the Presenter class? If no then is there any other better way to do it? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220305]

Mamun, Russell, and Vishnudev [answers], How to slice from an array of objects in js? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220304]

ioxua, Simple implementation of callback on Android Adapter [web repository]. GitHub. [20220315]

Eselfar [answer], Presenter object in MVP(Android) getting null object reference error [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220315]

TheWanderer [answer], How do you put onDestroy in a recyclerview adapter? Is it possible? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220324]

Coding with John [author], Lambda Expressions in Java - Full Simple Tutorial [web]. YouTube. [20220512]


Smartherd, #5.7 Android Fade Animation Activity Transition. Android Material Design [video]. Youtube. [20220105]

Aman Singh, How do I prevent the status bar and navigation bar from animating during an activity scene animation transition? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220116]

Prakhar Srivastava, Keep the user logged in android app [web]. Medium. [20211208]

Dr. Parag Shukla, AutoCompleteTextView Vs MultiAutoCompleteTextView - with Theory and Practical Demo [video]. YouTube. [20220221]

Philipp Lackner, The New Splash Screen API is INSANE! 🤯 (No Extra Activity, Animations, Fetching Data, ...) [video]. YouTube. [20220221]

codingSTUFF, Swipe to Delete RecyclerView Items (ItemTouchHelper) in Android Studio [video]. YouTube. [20220104]

Hanzyusuf [answer], Changing background color of selected item in recyclerview [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220321]

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Shashank Mohabia, Trying to organize notifications from multiple accounts [web]. Medium. [20220224]

Barmaley; Dan Dascalescu [answers], How can an app detect that it's going to be uninstalled? [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220303]

Hardi [answer], android - Configure ItemTouchHelper in RecyclerView to work for Snackbar being dismissed by another Snackbar being displayed [web]. Stack Overflow. [20220308]

Daniel Santiago, Lyla Fujiwara, Jose Alcérreca, Ian Lake [authors], architecture-components-samples/ at master · android/architecture-components-samples · [web]. GitHub. [20220312]

Android Coding, How to Select Single Radio Button in RecyclerView in Android Studio [video]. Youtube. [20220326]


- IDE: Android Studio
- Code editor: Atom
- SVG creator:Vectornator
- Command prompt
- SVG adapter: Shape filter
- html picker: Dixon & Moe
- Translation helper: Google translator
- Translation helper:
- Language resource:
- Language resource:


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You may obtain a copy of the License at

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